Note: The WebGL version has sound and graphics glitches, so i've uploaded a windows executable which seems to be working now without crashes *crossing fingers*. everything else is virtually unchanged.

A (kinda) cute and (very) short action platformer made for the LOWREZJAM 2020 in about 10 days.


  • A/D: Move around, W: look up, S: drop down
  • Space or K: Jump
  • LMB or J: Attack (requires pin needle)
  • Shift: Move slightly faster

(Controller is technically hooked up)

Software & Assets:

All art and code for this project was made during the jam.

Jam Comments:

For this jam I set out to make a handcrafted 2D platformer, mainly because i haven't worked with 2D for a long time. Another goal was to create the art myself, as i'm used to plunder the asset stores and websites.

Due do that, the scope fell way shorter of what I had in mind. I spent over half of the time pixeling and the code consists out of 60% animation handling.

This is the first software that i decided to publish, it's not where i'd want it to be, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Comments and feedback are always appreciated!


Download 14 MB

Development log

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